How much does it cost to run a UV Filter on my Pond?

The running costs for UV pond filters will vary depending on the overall wattage of your UV lamp. High watt UV lamps will be more effective in keeping your pond clear at the cost of an increased electricity bill.

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How much does it cost to run a UV Filter on my Pond?

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Lower wattage UV lamps will not be as effective, however your electricity bill will be reduced.

How to calculate the running costs of UV Pond Filters

To start with we must know the following:

  1. What is the current energy cost per kWh (Kilo Watt Hour)
  2. What is the wattage of the UV Filter
  3. How long will the UV Filter switched on for.

For the purpose of the example, I am going to choose the All Pond Solutions CUV-211 UV light Steriliser.

  1. Current kWh cost for the UK Energy Price Guarantee October 2022 = £0.34 per kWh
  2. The power rating on the UV Light is 11 watts
  3. The UV filter should be switched on 24/7
Example Daily and Yearly cost of an 11w UV Pond Filter
Example Daily and Yearly cost of an 11w UV Pond Filter

Free UV Pond Filter running cost calculator

Using the tool below, you can enter the wattage of your UV Lamp and press “Calculate” to see how much your UV light costs to run per day, per month and per year.

I have prepared a table below that lists a number of different UV clarifiers for ponds. The table shows the wattage each UV light bulb, which can be sorted by selecting a column header. The table shows daily, monthly and yearly running costs for each different sized UV filter.

Also included in the table is the column “LPH”, this is the “Litres Per Hour”. Choose a UV filter that can process at least 1.5 times more litres per hour.

If your pond is 3000 Litres, you would ideally want a UV Filter to handle 4,500 litres per hour.
I recently launched the Pond Pump Cost Calculator.

Does the UV Light Wattage really matter?

Green Algae from underwater
If your Pond Water looks like this - it's time to invest in a UV Pond Light

Larger ponds do require a larger UV filter and higher wattage lamp to make them effective in breaking down algae cells and keeping your pond crystal clear. Smaller UV (lower wattage) lights will be unable to cope with large volumes of water giving algae the chance to re-grow.

It’s often a misconception that choosing a larger UV lamp than your pond requires will help keep your pond clearer – yes it will help, but it’s certainly not required and you could be wasting money on your electric bill.

Final thoughts

We’re all trying to tighten our belt buckles and save money. I hope this article has helped you work out how much your UV Filter is costing you per month. As pond owners, at least we can unwind with a nice of cup of tea whilst looking into our crystal clear pond water – all thanks to our Pond UV Filter.

New for 2023 - Solar Powered UVC - £0 Running Costs!

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