The Top 5 Pond Fish Breeds for Beginners

Choosing the right fish for your first garden pond can be like choosing sweets from the "pick n mix" section in Woolworths. Choose strong hardy fish that require minimal maintenance such as Orfe, Shubunkins - more below.

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The Top 5 Pond Fish Breeds for Beginners

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Creating a beautiful pond ecosystem is both a rewarding and enjoyable experience. To help you get started, I've compiled a list of the top 5 pond fish breeds perfect for beginners. These fish species are known for their hardiness, adaptability, and low maintenance requirements.

Having owned several ponds over the years, I find Goldfish and Orfe are by far the easiest to keep, and although money should not really come into it - they are the cheapest fish you can purchase from your local pond shop.

Even as you move into different breeds, the fish I've listed below will still add some amazing colour and personality to your pond.  My Golden Orfe are at least 15 years old now and are the first to come up for food.

1. Goldfish

Goldfish - Image Courtesy of Unsplash

Goldfish are a popular choice for beginners due to their hardiness and adaptability. These fish can thrive in various pond conditions and come in various sizes, colours, and fin shapes. Be sure to provide a balanced diet and avoid overfeeding, as it can lead to poor water quality.

2. Koi

Koi Carp - Image Courtesy of Unsplash

Koi are known for their stunning colors and patterns, making them an attractive addition to any pond. Although they can grow quite large, koi are relatively low-maintenance and can tolerate a wide range of temperatures. Make sure your pond has proper filtration and aeration to keep your koi healthy.

From my own experience, Koi Carp are best purchased when they are very young. Not only are they much cheaper - but I have found they accumulate to your pond much better and more likely to survive.

3. Shubunkins

Photo of Shubunkin Fish
Shubunkin Fish

Shubunkins are another hardy pond fish breed perfect for beginners. They are known for their beautiful calico patterns and adaptability to various pond conditions. These fish are also quite sociable and will often swim in groups.

One of my favourite fish, the 'Shubunkin' offers the colours of more expensive Koi with the low maintenance of Goldfish.

4. Golden Orfe

Golden Orfe

Golden Orfe are an excellent choice for those looking to add some movement and activity to their pond. These fish are fast swimmers and enjoy the company of other orfe. They prefer clean, well-oxygenated water, so be sure to add more oxygen to your pond to keep them happy.

5. Minnows

Minnow Fish
Minnow Fish

Minnows are small, hardy fish that make a great addition to any pond. They are excellent for keeping algae and mosquito populations under control, as they feed on both. Minnows can also provide a natural food source for larger pond fish.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these five pond fish breeds are ideal for beginners looking to start their pond journey. Remember to feed your fish appropriately, protect them from pests, and maintain proper pond conditions to ensure their health and happiness.